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We help U.S. Citizens and permanent residents bring their loved ones to the United States

A citizen can bring his wife or fiancé, children, parentsand even siblings. They don't have to wait for a visa.

If the children are over 21 years old, and/or married they still can bring them but they will have to wait for a visa.

A green card holder can bring his wife and children. He will have to wait for the availability of a visa.

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Asylum - You can get asylum if you are facing persecution in your country of origin because you belong to a political party, because of your religious beliefs, because you are a homosexual, because of your race, and for other reasons.

You can get a work permit.

Deportation - You can stop your deportation for many reasons which should be individually explored. Don't wait until it is too late. Once a deportation order is issued it becomes much more difficult to help you.

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Was bail denied? Did you loose your case? We can help you. We can represent you at the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) or in the U.S. Court of Appeals.

First Appeal - Board of Immigration Appeals. Your first appeal goes to the BIA.

Second Appeal - U.S. Court of Appeals. If you lost your appeal before the BIA, don't give up. I have the experience and knowledge to help you at the next level.

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Enjoy all the benefits and privileges of a U.S. Citizen. We provide you prepare your petition, and even prepare you for the citizenship test.

We can even help you if you have had some legal problems.

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The TPS is a special status provided by the U.S.Governme to citizens of some particular countries so that they can live and work here. Qualifications to obtain a TPS change frequently.

I can provide advise and help you get a TPS if you qualify because you are a citizen of a named country. We also help you get a work permit.

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Are you a U.S. Citizen and want to get married with somebody that lives in another country? I can help you get a visa so that you can get married here even before you get married.

Do you, or a loved one, want to study here in the United States? I can provide you with the necessary advice and help you qualify for a student visa. Are you having issues with your student visa, or want to stay after it ends? Talk to us so that you can keep your visa. Do you want to obtain a green card after you finish your studies, explore your options.

Does a loved one wants to come to visit you? Call us for a Contact Us

Do you want to invest money in the United States and reside here with your family? Consult me to explain your options.

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A U.S. Citizen can apply to bring a spouse, parents, children, and even brothers. A Permanent Resident can only bring a spouse, parents and children.

Other than the fact that a Citizen can bring brothers and a Resident can't, the big difference between these two types of applicants is that a Citizen applicant does not have to wait for a visa while a Resident does. This means that, as soon as the Citizen's application is approved, there will be a visa available for the person that is coming into the U.S. In the case of a Resident, his/her relative will have to wait until a visa becomes available and that will depend on the country from where that person is coming. He / she will have to get into a waiting list.

An appeal of a negative decision by the immigration authorities has to be appealed to the Board of Immigration Appeals or the Board. The Board, just like the Immigration Court, is contained within the the executive branch. This means that it is not a court per se but an administrative office. Thus, a person has to appeal any decision of the Immigration Court to the Board but, if the Board denies the relief requested, then the person can take the case to an actual Federal Court of Appeals. This also means that a person should not give up if the Board denies the relief requested. In appropriate circumstances, the matter can still be taken on appeal to the Federal Court of Appeals to change the decision of the Immigration Court and the Board of Immigration Appeals.

In order for a person to obtain asylum, he/she has to be suffering from persecution because of his religious or political beliefs, race, or sexual preferences. A person can also get asylum under other circumstances including a dependency on those that suffer persecution. For example, if a person is suffering discrimination because he/she is married to a person of a particular race, then he/she can claim that he/she is suffering from racial discrimination even though he/she does not belong to such particular race. This is called mixed marriage discrimination.

Yes, if he/she intends to get married to a U.S. Citizen. This is known as a Fiancé Visa. It is granted so that the person can come to the United States to make preparations for the wedding. Once they get married then the applicant can apply for that person to get permanent residence. If the marriage does not occur within 6 months, then the Fiancé will have to return to his/her country of origen.

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