Court Hearings


Asylum Status – Asylum is a catchall term that encompasses multiple issues. While some individuals are able to seek refuge within the country due to war, religious persecution, etc., individuals who are victims of crimes either in the United States or in their home countries may also seek asylum in the United Sates. The asylum filing process is very in-depth and requires a trained immigration attorney to ensure that the paperwork is done properly.

Like in a deportation, the first step will be to get bail which will only be granted if the person is not a flight risk or dangerous.

After bail, a hearing will be scheduled where the person will present his arguments to the immigration court as to why he deserves asylum.


Unlike asylum, deportation requires that the person be in the United States. Only non-citizens can be deported. That means that a person can be deported whether or not he is a permanent resident

Once the government decides to seek deportation of a person the first step is to determine whether or not such person should get bail. Bail will depend on many factors but the main ones are whether or not the person is a flight risk or dangerous.

Whether or not bail is granted, the person is entitled to a hearing and to an attorney, at his own expense, in such hearing.

If the government previously determined that the person is deportable, there will not be a second hearing and the government can deport such person whenever it wants. In such cases it will be urgent for the person to contact an attorney so that the attorney can request a cancellation of the deportation until the person.

All deportation proceedings are complex and the person should not attempt to face the government attorneys without his own attorney.